The male striptease

It’s doesn’t matter, how do you imagine your bachelorette party. On 99% appear a topic which is: male striptease. You or your friend, one of you surely move that topic. The evidence for that is, that you are reading this text. On the market there are many pages in which men offers male striptease. But is every offer the same? It does matter who we will invite for our bachelorette party? The answer it’s only one:..yes!

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Striptiz męski

How the male striptease should be?

Ladies who are deciding to invite on their bachelorette party a dancer, expecting that it will be evening of unforgettables experiences .For ladies who are interested of this, we could arrange practically every presentation. The most often on the list appears arrangements in style of soldier, policeman, constructor. Independently of the arrangements expectations are the same, it has to be sensual, erotically, desired and intrigued. The task of the dancer is of course fire the audience but at this he has to behave chivalrously and cultural. There are an advantages of our dancers. We adding already the professionalism.

How the dancer should look like?

First of all perfect, athletic body but is this all? Of course no.. the dancer, that the name call, has to can move. Of course it doesn’t mean about average feeling rhythm. The male striptease it’s something definitely more than dance. The dancer should charm the audience skill of sensual move of strong and athletic body. The main task of dancer, how we already mentioned, is to fire the audience. And what he should wearing? The answer is very simple… this what the audience expects. Majority of women regards on details. Ours dancers take care of not only the look of their body, but also about what they’re wearing. It’s obvious that the clothes will not stay on the dancer for a long time, but good entrance it’s very important element of the show.

The presentation

The presentation of striptease it’s not only men but also the climate. Appropriate music, strong drinks to the which, accidentally, the bartenders didn’t add a juice, arrangement, frame- all this will match to individual expectations of women. On the market there are many offers from the dancers, who always are dancing the same. We don’t belong to this group. Every presentation it’s a new improvisation matched to the moment.

We invite you to contact us, we gladly answer to all questions. All contacts information are in the fold “contact”.

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