The female striptease

Professionals made female striptease it’s ,against pretexts, not a simple task. Whole of the presentations is contained from many elements, which connected together creates consistent whole. Liberated emotions creates unforgettable and unrepeatable climate.

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Striptiz damski

The female striptease it’s not only taking of the clothes

First of all striptease has to be made by attractive dancer. But perfect figure and nice face it’s not all. It’s necessary something else. Appropriate style of movements, tempting, seductive movements, gazes. Skilled play of emotions. Of course, all of this it could learn, but if it has something, learning go definitely faster and more effective. Majority of the clubbing dancers can nicely moves and good dancing, but the female striptease is something more.

What the dancer should wearing?

It could be seemed, that in case of the female striptease, the clothes of the dancer is not the most important thing. But are you sure? Probably every men has some fantasies, which would like to realize someday. Beautiful policewoman, or sexy nurse, it’s taste of matter, of which it has not discussed. The dance, in which the audience will realize although part of their dreams, always will be decidedly more attractive and unforgettable. From other way, professional dancer even in worst clothes can fire senses of every man. However if the dancer has sexy clothes… oh, yes then it’s nothing necessary.

What about music?

Good presentation it can turn with a appropriate music and illuminating effects. Erotic dance underlined of perfect composed and matched effects, always give unforgettable effect. Good light underlines every movement of the dancer who is making the striptease, and appropriate music which is volute all, close all in one inextricable whole. That presentation will be nice memory for a long time.


It’s obvious that the place in which the female striptease will taking a place it’s important. Otherwise the striptease look like at home, when there aren’t so many possibilities. Adjunction of current, reflectors, loudspeakers etc., in house is in majority of cases quite complicate. In clubs where conditions are perfect the women’s striptease do not have boundaries. It’s doesn’t mean that the striptease in club always is the best solution. The atmosphere of all play makes persons who participates in it. In other words, how all play look like depends of her participants.

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