The bachelorette party is the last party of the bride, where she could go crazy without his partner. Often she doesn’t have possibility for that, because her friends preparing for her boring and plain party at home, in which nothing interesting will be happened. Just bet on the Chippendales dancers, who will be the best attraction in the bachelorette party.

Wonderful presentations of dance:

  • Clubs and Discos
  • Restaurant and pubs
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Advertising agency and i Events
  • Resorts
  • Private persons

Elementary offer of Army of Lovers is several famous and more popular topics, but everyone is very flexible. Our strippers gladly taking part in experiments, because compliance erotic fantasies give us big fun. Anyway we use scripts already prepared, never repeat. Every presentation is totally different, because we design it from 0, just use topics, which previous spectators especially liked.
Ours strippers very often diversify bachelor parties, Chippendales go a presentation in company parties. We don’t have a constant offer, something that we can put in price list and once and for all describe-erotic dance have to survive, not write about it! Every script of presentation develop especially with a view to the concrete party, strippers prepared only for this client, topical of the show may change, if you want that.

Look at our offer, like in presentation, what the erotic dancers can do, and later connect it with your fantasies- give us a call what was afford from it, and we will organized this for you. Erotic dancer will give a show, which you don’t forget for a long time, Chippendales bring emotions a female part of audience ( At men develop envy attack). This what we want to offer you, is the erotic show full of emotions, eroticism sublimate, desire and fantastic awake of senses.

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Grupa taneczna Army of Lovers oferuje taniec erotyczny oraz striptiz damski i striptiz męski. Niezależnie czy organizujesz wieczór kawalerski czy wieczór panieński nasza tancerka erotyczna lub tancerz erotyczny urozmaicą każdy imprezę.