The Catwoman – erotic dance

Beautiful, wild, carnivorous, agile and crafty – Catwoman.

Look, although once in her hypnotic, cat eyes, and we guarantee that, it’s stay in your memory for a long time.

Every her movement, every look, makes that you won’t tear vision from her.

Dare you look at her eyes?

Dare you come up closer?

Maybe you succeed domesticate her?

Maybe you will give up her carnivorous instinct and she capture you?

Do you want to learn the hard way?


Sublimate, exclusive and spectacular erotic show on high level, connecting elements of gentle eroticism with theatrical presentation.
Especially prepared artistic frame, music building voltage and clothes chosen adequate.

The Catwoman play in cage especially prepared for the presentation.


It’s one from the most popular erotic fantasies, but in imagination it’s not has to take care about details. And how it’s often happen, reality can surprise-catwoman closed in a cage, it’s accomplishment of dreams many of men. But had you though, how you’ ll behave when you meet her If not, that’s good-now you can check yourself.
Catwoman it’s difficult screenplay-our dancer has to match to your fantasies. Do you think that she manage? She always succeed, but don’t ask how. Maybe it’s talent, maybe exercise- but anyway effect count. So, where put the cage? In Vip room of good club? Maybe in casino? It’s the last decision which you could make, because when the presentation will start, you will be not able to think logically. Her catlike rapacity anyway capture you.
Catlike show it’s a difficult presentation, who take art of erotic dance to completely new level. Precision, screenplay accurately advised and couple of tricks, which allowed to build very big voltage. It’s art bigger than dance. Sensual movements, great body, unusual presentation of dancing skills and game of imagination- Catwoman it’s accomplishment of many men’s fantasies and source next, more interesting fantasies.
Catlike presentation lead you to a madness, awakes senses and provide unusual impressions. Something like that you never forget. Catwoman appeared in different places, not only in Poland, and reactions were always the same. Now is you turn- there are a fantasies which it is worth to fulfill!

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