Burlesque Show

The Burlesque – Presentation

Burlesque is erotic mixture of classic and modern. We added to already jaded model, big part of erotic dance presenting by ours strippers and we obtained explosive mixture. There are a beautiful woman in clothes, who cover only the biggest secrets, with fan from feathers in somewhat too heavy light, so characteristic for historical burlesque- there are the show which lay in half way between big art and eroticism of highest flights!

Burlesque is the art of casinos- there has developed and there match the best, but thanks for good modifications, our girls will be lift temperature equally highly of the clubs, restaurants or hotels, and even company’s party. Burlesque- there are an erotic dance, which roots reach enough far away to a time and space, but which now is exciting like never before.

Do you want to survive something really special? Do you want to feel thrill of emotions, which appears, when on the scene comes braves, but mysterious dancers with excellent bodies and huge skills? Burlesque it’s almost theatrical show; every movement has place and time, there nothing leaves to case, in order to not to lose unique climate, which was accompanied the burlesque since always. Today, however, in Army of Lovers we carried out this art on completely new level, connecting this what classical, and however conservative, with this what modern and brave.

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Grupa taneczna Army of Lovers oferuje taniec erotyczny oraz striptiz damski i striptiz męski. Niezależnie czy organizujesz wieczór kawalerski czy wieczór panieński nasza tancerka erotyczna lub tancerz erotyczny urozmaicą każdy imprezę.