The bachelorette party

The bachelorette party it’s, according to the tradition, proverbial, the last day of freedom of the future bride. If you want that this evening will special, unforgettable and crazy, that one of the main attractions this night should be a dancer for the bachelorette party. The erotic dancer of Army of Lovers it’s perfect bell ringer at bachelorette party’s organization. All ours Chippendales are perfect build dancers, and this special night, especially for the bride, one of them will make special erotic dance, which provide hot impressions, awake desire in Ladies, and allowed to remember this presentation for the rest of your life.

We are the professionals in erotic presentations, and every our dancer is prepared individual for the bachelorette party. Clothes, music, and even character of the presentation, we try to match to expectations of organizer of the bachelorette party. Nothing restrict us, and in flexible way we match to the needs. Dear Ladies, this night let the fantasy go, and striptease in the bachelorette party will make a handsome policeman, romantic sailor, strong solider or manly cowboy. In fold “the dancers” it could choose which one amuse your bachelorette party

Wieczór panieński

Why the bachelorettes parties with Army of Lovers are special? Because, our erotic dancers, furthermore that they are handsome, manly and besides of look, they know how to dance. The striptease for us is something more than only  throw off the clothes. Our Chippendales are cultural and humorous guys, who are playing in work. Always are disposed to appease your expectations and change the presentation in a party so individual that dissimilar to any other.

Bachelorette party – we take care of the details

We take care about the details- if you order sailor, that he will become in original uniform, if the policeman, we fit out him better than the true police station. This detail will add taste an all presentation, which later stay for a long time. Gentlemen will come to provide you an entertainment in bachelorette party and believe us- they are really great at it. Considerable variety of screenplays, but none stiff scheme, big discretion, but more over perfect striptease, which you don’t forget. Oh yes, our Chippendales let you try a freedom for last time, that freedom as you always want to have.

The erotic dancers of Army of Lovers are professionals- none botch, zero bungle. Every step, every movement has his place and time- that men, know for sure, what do, that temperature increase to the boundaries of possibilities. Do you want to feel it in own skin? Do you want to survive unforgettable emotions and feel thrill of excitement? None problem- only let us know, which form the Gentlemen has change your bachelorette party in party, which happened once time in life.

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Tancerz erotyczny na wieczór panieński