The bachelor party

The bachelor party is the last day of “freedom” for the groom and in assumption it will be the last occasion to have a pleasure unavailable after the weeding. If you don’t have a courage to spend it noisily like the characters of movie “Kac Vegas”, you miss the ideas and you want that this night will be unforgettable for the groom and his friends, organize female striptease for the bachelor party. The dancer for the bachelor party- erotic dancer from the Army of Lovers group became in your bachelor party and seductive erotic dance warm men and allowed that this bachelor party be remembered to the end of life.

Our erotic dancers for the bachelor party are professionals and clothes appropriated, music or choreography may cause that this erotic presentation will be special. Its doesn’t matter if you will organize striptease for bachelor party in house, your favorite club’s Vip room or limousine rented, you have a possibility to choose if our stripper became in clothes of seductive policewoman, sexy maid, submissive nurse or, for example, bad girl. Are many propositions and professional erotic show with commitment of spectators color every party. We invite to fold “Dancers”, there you can watch and choose which stripper for the bachelor party amuse you this special night.

Wieczór kawalerski

For many people, striptease is only take off the clothes. You think that too? All the more you have to see it and feel it. In erotic dance, which our erotic dancer makes in your bachelor party, there is not any casualness, it’s  wonderful planned movement, great girl and screenplay which allowed to pick up the temperature every men. Girls form the Army of Lovers are not only cursedly attractive, but above all, each of her is a great dancer.

The bachelor party – complex

Precision of movements and great idea allowed from every erotic show in bachelor party, squeeze so many eroticism.

In bachelor party should play all- we provide it you. Unique striptease like this in which spectators too take a part. We have own way for this, besides, when you’ll see our girls, you understand that it’s worth it. From very first time of the presentation you will feel, that it’s something what you want to never end. Great preparation, topic which you chosen in your secret fantasies and girls who stimulate imagination with her dance.

You can prepare bachelor party everywhere- but it’s not a place, but attractions will decide about this what you will remember. Our head in this, that you will remember forever the best erotic show which you whenever have occasion to see. Give us a call which girl will perform in you bachelor party and which topic you would like to see in the presentation, and we take care of everything.

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Tancerka erotyczna na wieczór kawalerski