The erotic group of Army of Lovers provide wide spectrum of hot attractions for the parties. We also:

• Professionals hostess
• Presentations of Brazilian samba
• Hot taxi dancers

We organized:

• Body painting Show
• Miss Erotica Elections and Miss of the Wet T-shirt Elections
• Mister Elections and others

We can organized every show, which you wish, if only get us to know earlier. Our erotic dancers and strippers will add emotions many of the parties, and thanks for that, every show we plan individual, we could prepare show, which enhance your party and leave indelible impressions.
Even two presentations get the same title, don’t worry about it- it’s only title, and in Army of Lovers we fond of the content, not of title. Together with you we choose a topic of the presentation, deciding, who will take apart in this, and later we prepare screenplay and make that a party will explode the emotions.
Considerable dose of eroticism always comes in handy. We prepare this show, that the guests will be rapt. Strippers and erotic dancers form Army of Lovers are professionals- they don’t scare of challenges, besides, they have already so many experience, that not many things could surprise them. Maybe you don’t know, but lack of the professionalism may decompose every erotic show- because of that we don’t change the winning team. Our erotic dancers already visit bit of the World, delight of the audience in many of the most fames clubs and casinos in Europe. The weird bachelors party and bachelorette party are nothing new for us, so if you have interesting idea for a party we will help you correct it, adding proper piece of eroticism.
Erotic dance is the art, it’s not right to afraid the art. So, what are you need?

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Grupa taneczna Army of Lovers oferuje taniec erotyczny oraz striptiz damski i striptiz męski. Niezależnie czy organizujesz wieczór kawalerski czy wieczór panieński nasza tancerka erotyczna lub tancerz erotyczny urozmaicą każdy imprezę.