Erotic dancer

Army of Lovers is a group of erotic dancers calling “Chippendales”. Our men are handsome and athletic erotic dancers and professionals in their profession. Erotic dance, definitely manly gestures, athletic bodies and common fun it’s guarantee of successful party and that the every lady in company of our stripper feels special and sexy. Erotic dancer and his presentations it’s special attraction on every women’s party. Ladies Day, ladies night, ladies meeting, bachelorette party, birthday, or even more and more trendy divorce’s parties, it’s one from many parties, when it could invite our erotic dancer.

Erotic dancer? What kind of parties?

Male striptease in bachelorette party, birthday it’s usually chamber parties, when often presentations are making solo. Group presentations it’s attraction on parties with big quantity of women, as Ladies Day or clubbing and company’s events. In fold “Presentations”, you could see movies with our participation.

Tancerz erotyczny

Do you want to survive erotic show, which never will survive on your bedroom? Do you want dripping of testosterone and desire, which hard to extinguish ( unless we’ ll disguise our dancers for fireman, but it rather make the temperature of show more higher, instead reduce). Who do you want- sailor, first non-obese and truly fit policeman , and maybe constructor, the only in this country, who not divert rest on shovel ( besides he has so much brawn, that he can use a hammer as a toothpick)?

Dancer on the night

For ours boys it’s not a problem. Chippendales from Army of Lovers shame a culturists, and by the way they erase all modern men in “tubes”, in which they will not put theirs legs. Are you looking for a good kick for imagination, do you need erotic show, which never fade in memory? Erotic dance making by the best strippers I country (and one from the most desirables in all Europe), for sure will give you a satisfaction.

Erotic dance making by this men it’s truly art. Handsome, athletic, build hundred times better than guy’s in the cover of Men’s Health, and ready to play in part, which your aglow imagination foresee for them. For choice you have many of ours tried screenplays, but specially for you we will gladly create completely new Erotic Show with handsome guys in main part.

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