Army of Lovers is the professional group of erotic dance with international experience. Our group compose of beautiful , sexy and sensual erotic dancers for the bachelor party or other party about erotic show. The best, the most handsome erotic dancers, who with theirs show diversify nonsolid bachelorette party, women’s day, ladies night or presentation in style Chippendales, Dj topless who is one of the most cognizable dj’s in Europe and her show is combination of sensual dance and energetic club music and sensual scenic look. Catwoman is special erotic presentation of mysterious, predatory and also seductive catwoman closed in steel cage. Erotic bar is show dedicate to casinos or night clubs. Special taste of colorful drinks serving by ours barman and bartenders topless. Erotic show, seductive gaze and hot atmosphere make, that the lines to the bar will be long in that day.

The history of ours activity refer far aback and today allowed us to show- off  rich experience, who achieve ours erotic  dancers. We had a pleasure to play in many parties all over the Poland and in the World. Big pleasure and growing constantly interest of ours presentations, building ours goodwill since many years. If you expect thrill of emotions, element of surprise and hot erotic-you can lean on us. Everyone of ours erotic dancers has skills, who warm crowds and stimulates positives impressions which for sure making deeper impression in your memory. To the every presentation we prepare individual, thanks to that, our show is always unique entertainment. Ours specialists of the choreography prepared full of eroticism forms of dance, which has to surprise the spectator. Male striptease and female striptease in our edition is professionals forms full of dance and adapt to appropriate music frame. Every stripper of the Army of lovers group can be  no just entertaining addition for yours party, but main point of the program.


 If you are a owner of the pub, night club, casino, fashionable disco, you are looking for the idea for bachelorette party or bachelor party or you are organizing birthday or topical party, contact to us. If sometime you had interested of our brand, for sure you heard about us, because we had occasion to show off in abroad, and for every time our show awake huge emotions and enjoy the audience. Us too, because we love this what we do.

Army of Lovers is a group of professionals from erotic show brand. Ours Chippendales are really desired, free evening in ours strippers catch rare, so you are doing right if you book time for yourself. In every our presentations we take care that it be something more than erotic dance. We pay special attention to this, what it’s happens in the stage, but to this what it’s happens besides her too: music, lights, atmosphere- this define us. Sensuous dancers and the most handsome strippers is our advertisement. In this brand history born fast, but legend is building long. Today many persons, who look for a stripper for bachelor party or Chippendales for a ladies night, at once asking about us.

For us erotic dance is an art. We awake senses, bur a imagination and create reality when everyone could be who want to be. Of course we had script prepared, but it’s not a problem to prepare new for you. Finally we are from that-for make you erotic fantasy come true in every form! We impregnate the erotic not only birthday or bachelor parties- we are open a constant cooperation with clubs too.

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Grupa taneczna Army of Lovers oferuje taniec erotyczny oraz striptiz damski i striptiz męski. Niezależnie czy organizujesz wieczór kawalerski czy wieczór panieński nasza tancerka erotyczna lub tancerz erotyczny urozmaicą każdy imprezę.