The Pole Dance Show

Pole Dance Show is professional and hot presentation of dancing in a pole, which impress the audience in every age. Pole Dance presentation is erotic dance full of grace, harmony and sex appeal connected with endurance and strength which put a dancer for do a movements like the gymnast professional. Pole Dance is not typical dance in a pole who, like go-go show, is presenting in a club with striptease, is professional show of full the femininity, with seductive clothes and athletic dancer which provide the audience hot impressions. Pole Dance is ideal presentation for the mixed parties which impress men and also women part of audience. Our show is great artistic addition for companies meetings, birthdays and scenic frame of casinos, hotels and high level clubs.


This is very extend art. Making the majority of figure require agility and considerable experience, and making it with grace-professionalism in addition.
The most amazing in Pole Dance is character of this presentation. Is erotic? Of course! It’s hard to imagine the show which is having more sex than this. In the same time, it’s doesn’ t remind in anything a primitive pole dance from the cheap night clubs. Here the huge part is making accompanying effects- music, light, fume. In Pole Dance it’s mean that gradually warm the emotions, raise the temperature in audience, adding huge dose of eroticism, but all this making in strange elegant and sublimate way.
Pole Dance is the presentation which great check not only in men’s evenings. Prove that at this show, erotic dancer may impress women too! This kind of presentation can make everywhere, complete with spacious interior of apartment or house, but however the most interesting climate is obtained in club, for example in VIP room or good casino, where is more space and you can schedule to use a lighting in bigger panache.

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