Dj topless – Hot lady

Dj Hot Lady it’s one of the most recognizable polish Topless Dj, unique and one of the kind. Special show with her participation, no doubt will be unforgettable attraction of every party. Dj Hot Lady plays in prestigious clubs in all over the Poland and in abroad too. Music especially selected, costumes appropriate prepared and mega dose of positive energy flowing directly from the heart and passion. Show our topless Dj can diversify beautiful and sexy erotic dancers or clubbing dancers, and erotic dancers too, show could be additional accrue scenic pyrotechnics ( volcano, firewalks, soap bubble generator, confetti ect.) Our Dj is beautiful, talented and hoot woman, which no doubt that warm every dance floor in the club.

Bet on the quality and professionalism!


Dj Hot Lady, how no one other, know at her work. If you already saw similar presentations, you know that, let them either listen, or watch them, but rather one and other. If yes, it’s absolutely have to peep there, where play our girl, which the nature endow not only good ear!
Good clubbing music? That’s not a problem- Dj Hot Lady, really is a specialist from hot clubbing climates and she can compose the playlist as hot as she is. This is a reason that Dj Hot Lady often appears in parties on abroad, and in Poland she has a lot of orders. Participants of the parties can boast that finally were able to look and listen, and one and other was a source of big pleasure.
Now seriously-Dj Hot Lady is the best way to allure to club true crowds. Although “ high quality” seldom is associated with eroticism, here you can notice it. Dj Hot Lady can service every dj’s console and great knowing about the music. She has everything what you will expect by someone who will lead a clubbing party, and allure vision and it’s nothing to wonder. We know that if competition of Console Miss will existed, she will stay a winner, without overtime.
Do you want to organize truly good clubbing party/With good music, great climate and some bonus? Dj Topless is idea the best from the best, and Army of Lovers will send to you the best from the best girl in this profession.

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